After reading The Externally Focused Church years ago, Toni was so challenged by the concepts it presented she began an outreach ministry at her church as a volunteer leader. That experience is the basis for her upcoming book. Today, Toni is employed as a full time staff member of Princeton Alliance Church where her church outreach journey continues.

In the past, she served as a contributing writer at Circles of Faith and a guest poster on God Sized Dreams, and for the past several years she has been a regular contributor of devotionals to The Quiet Hour. Some of her devotionals have also appeared on

Toni has over a decade of experience in commercial writing, and taught Writing for Radio/TV at a local community college for five years. Because of that, Toni is as comfortable in front of a microphone as she is behind a keyboard which is where she has spent much time writing the book and her blog, Lakeside Lessons, which shares eternal perspective in everyday experiences. In addition to the many volunteers serving during special outreach events, she has recruited and trained a small army of approximately 100 volunteers who serve in a variety of capacities on a weekly or monthly basis throughout the ministry. In 2012, she received Mercer County’s Woman of Achievement Award for her outreach work.

Despite all that experience, she is most comfortable walking alongside others as God leads.
After the publication of her book, Toni’s future plans include creating an online companion course, seminars, and even retreats for pastors and church leaders to help them grow their own local church outreach ministry.